Artisan Support

Opportunity is committed to the Community Economic Development Program that views our clients as equal partners, working side by side, to create sustainable transformation and growth.

Artisans in Nicaragua have developed generational expertise for hand-crafted products. However, microentrepreneurs often lack knowledge on how to develop a business plan or improve products for export. In response to these needs, Opportunity has been working with artisans to identify ways they can access knowledge, design assistance, financing, training and new markets.

Many Nicaraguans are gifted in traditional skills such as painting, textiles, wood and ceramics. Opportunity created NicaWorks, a best practice group that serves as an organizing vehicle to bring microentrepreneurs together to share best practices, learn new production and quality control techniques and to share lessons learned.

Equally important is that NicaWorks allows Opportunity to develop relationships with its clients and create the loyalty needed to assure success in sales and distribution.