La Laguna Success Story!

An indigenous community of 2,000, La Laguna, co-invested with Opportunity in 2007 to complete a well and aqueduct system to provide themselves potable water which was previously inaccessible. When the community invested $3,000 cash and $7,000 in manual labor, Opportunity provided a $25,000 grant and $10,000 community loan to build the 2.75km hand-dug trench to connect a well to a storage tank, lay the pipeline to homes and purchase electrical transformer for the well pump. Now 250 households in the community receive clean water and the cost per cubic meter is now $0.81, compared to $6 before the project. In addition, the community developed a co-op of 23 elected members to manage the rural aqueduct as a social enterprise.

The people in La Laguna now have access to what so many people take for granted, yet is so vital to life: water.

La Laguna Community Initiatives

  • An aqueduct system that provides 250 households with potable water
  • A library network of 17 community libraries serving over 10,000 poor families
  • 5 churches repaired and expanded
  • Road repair project providing access to over 2,500 residents previously isolated
  • More than 350 youth active each week in youth groups or Bible studies

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